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Champs Trading is an Stocks Trading Discord Community, with Signals

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⭐ Exclusive Trading Group

  • A large Discord Stocks Trading group, with more than 17,000+ Members
  • Teaching you basics and in-depth knowledge of stock trading fast as possible, with Signals
  • Master Trading and maximize your income

💿 Private Video Library

  • Gain access to a library that provides you with
  • the recordings of our 4 courses and trader development webinars

🧠 Mastermind Group

  • Gain access to a private mastermind of like-minded traders who are starting off in their journey or already years ahead.


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🔔 Stocks Trading

You'll get access to courses, tutorials, videos from the basics of stocks trading and options, and to the more advanced strategies and techniques, empowering you with comprehensive knowledge to navigate the financial markets successfully.

  • Full Discord channels and guides
  • 24/7 Support and high level networking
  • Easy to understand design and tutorials

📹 Live Trading

Gain access to exclusive live webinars hosted daily where Shinobi & his team explain the market action LIVE.

Being one of the best, our team are motivated, supportive, and friendly. Teaching you the basics but also in-depth guides for people who understand the basics.

This high engagement and support is why Champs Trading is the best community.

  • Easy Live Guides and Tutorials
  • Quickly learn Stocks Trading
  • Supportive Environment

📚 Life Change Program and Private Mastermind

Gain access to an accountability program + inner circle group with traders at your experience level. Change your life by participating in our community channels, share your experiences, and grow together. Health is wealth. So in the life change channel, everyone holds each other accountable for day-to-day actions in regards to their health, by showing up every day to the gym.

  • More than 17,000+ people to network with
  • Make new friends and beat the financial markets together
  • Post your wins, create memories and build your self.

Your journey starts here

Learning the stock market could be difficult, but with interactive guides, easy to follow tutorials, lots of professors and staff to help you; you are in the right place.

We know exactly the best way to teach the basics, and that is why Champs Trading is one of the highest rated trading communities.

Champs Trading is the only platform you need to learn in depth stock trading and become a winner.

Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

All educational webinars are recorded and posted in our private library for you to watch when you're available. Live trading is hosted in the mornings, it is up to your schedule to decide if you can attend.

Yes! Our framework is built to take you from knowing nothing, to eventually having your own system. Simply follow our lessons & guidance and you'll be on the right track!

If you're already making consistent money trading options or futures, this program is probably not for you. Our framework is designed to help new & struggling traders become profitable. But if you're simply looking for a mastermind with other profitable traders, this is it!

No, because in the stocks trading world even if you are under 18 your parents are able to make an account for you with any stocks broker, this type of account is called a custodial account.